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Ma.Vi. has a proven experience in designing and engineering high quality products for the industrial manufacturers. Our Product Management Team reduces risk from new product development applying ISO 9001 certification process, assuring that all designing and production phases are proceeding as the original project purpose.

We constantly track the all project activities in details, maintaining a close communication with the clients and guarantee the deadlines scheduling.

Ma.Vi. product development begins transforming the customer concept in a real project, passing through the design and Kick‑Off phases, ending with the introduction of the product in the industrial manufactories process.

Project management

Ma.Vi helps clients since the beginning of the enquiry in order to find the best solution in product development and engineering consulting service. We start developing your concepts, discussing your project needs and proposing the best solution to apply.

If meets your requirements, we generally decide to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to keep our own reciprocal information confidential and to facilitate their future exchanging.

Then we both start establishing a continuous discussion, defining all technical aspects of the project, evaluating the risks in details and tracing a time schedule deadline and a common project line management.

Statement Of Work
With the mutual satisfaction, we prepare a project proposal (SOW) describing the project purpose, step-by-step activities and schedule, costs and product delivery terms.

If we join an agreement, the Kick-Off project phase begins and we will continuously update you about the proceeding of the project.

Then we evaluate the prototype model with the client, eventually improve and refine the design, test all hardware and software components and release the final product to the customer. Below our Project Management scheme:





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