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18/01/2021 - Ma.Vi. has obtained European funding for the ARTS 4.0 project which aims to engineer an OST-VST (Optical See Through and Video See Through) augmented reality viewer for surgical procedures, capable of assisting and "guiding" the eyes and hands of the surgeon during surgery.  

2018 - Ma.Vi. is involved with Ericsson S.P.A. in the European Project FIPILI3 (Fotonica Integrata Per Interconnessioni Luminose Intra-Chip, Intra-Board e Intra-System) for the development of electronic/fotonic systems built in a single chip. We are the cutting edge also in field of realization of the new 5G network.  

20/04/09 - Ma.Vi. has showed at "Hannover Messe" last products EtherCAT based at Booth F19 Hall 9, together with The EtherCAT Technology Group. The company has proven to be among the most active italian companies  in production of EtherCAT devices. 
25/11/08 - Ma.Vi. attended at the fair "SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2008" in Nuremberg,  showing its new devices  "mvTBI" . The company has taken part at booth 208 Hall 6, sharing the booth with the EtherCAT Technology Group.  Image

05/06/08 - Ma.Vi. has completed the design and the development of a new EtherCAT slave system, the "mvTBI" (Terminal Board Intelligenti). These devices will be officially presented on the 25-27 November at the
"SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2008" trade show in Nuremberg, where Ma.Vi. can be found at booth 208 Hall 6, together with EtherCAT Technology Group.


10/10/07 - Ma.Vi.  has developed and implemented (and Pisa University has tested) a new wireless deterministic communication protocol that allows to an endless chain of modules (i.e. at the side of an highway, railway, trafic pattern, and so on) to transfer real time data. The protocol is actually working on Ma.Vi. modules with  Analog Device DSP Blackfin and RF at 862 MHz, but can be ported on any real-time system with any RF communication range.


27/6/07 - Ma.Vi. EtherCAT workshop: the company presents the first italian seminar about EtherCAT technology. Ma.Vi. arranged the event with Bechkoff  Italia involvement.

10/1/2007 - Ma.Vi. obtained first place in ranking of Provincia di Livorno for an innovative project about industrial development of concentration photovoltaic  module, achieving funding for research.

31/10/2006 - Ma.Vi. 's headquarter moves to via Firenze 144/3c , the most operative industrial zone in Livorno. Highway and "S.G.C. freeway" are far less than 500 meters.The company offers visitors a large area for parking shared with important business structures.

13/01/2005 - Ma.Vi. has been a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group since the beginning of this year and supports the powerful Ethernet real-time protocol. Image

17/12/2004 -
Ma.Vi. received the ISO 9001:2000 certification (CSQ and IQNet).


15/10/2003 -
Ma.Vi. developed 26 control boards for high speed drivers used in the RXF project, the CNR toroidal device sited in Padova (Italy).





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